Tailed Frogs

Rocky Mountain Tailed Frog

The Rocky Mountain Tailed Frog (Ascaphus montanus) is a small, unique amphibian species found in the high-altitude streams of western North America, including Canada. Known for its unusual reproductive behavior and aquatic lifestyle, this frog is a fascinating and important part of Canada’s biodiversity. In this blog post, we’ll explore the biology, habitat, and conservation  Learn more on Rocky Mountain Tailed Frog »

Coastal Tailed Frog

Ascaphus truei The Coastal Tailed Frog is a small amphibian of Canada they inhabit British Columbia, in the Fraser River Valley, in the south coastal mainland to the Flathead river in the south-east. Coastal Tailed frogs doesn’t grow more than 5 cm. Coastal Tailed frog have a rough textured ski ranging between olive green, brown  Learn more on Coastal Tailed Frog »