Northwestern salamander


The northwestern salamander which is often called the because of its brown colouration. northwestern salamander is the only salamander specie in Canada that possess poisonous glands like those of toads. Northwestern salamanders are large mole salamanders that reaches up to 20cm, half of it consisting of their tail.

Northwestern salamander - Brown Salamander
In Canada northwestern salamander population are composed of 2 subspecies found on the Pacific coast in British Columbia including on Vancouver Island.

Although it look calm and docile, the northwestern salamanders are aggressive when defending themselves hunting for their preys. They don’t hesitate to bite and rub their poisonous glands on predators which mostly consist on fish, that are not affected by their poison. Birds and mammal usually don’t predate them since the poison secreted by their gland is a strong irritant to them,

Northwestern salamander are nocturnal, spend a lot of time underground or often hides under logs, rocks or leaf litter in forest near ponds. Adults are more frequently observed in the breeding season occuring on spring as they move to breeding ponds. Juveniles and larvaes spend all their time in the water, feeding to get bigger.

Adult northwestern salamanders eat slugs and small invertebrates while juvenile feed mostly on small aquatic invertebrates..