Newts species

Red-spotted newt

Notophthalmus viridescens Red-spotted newt is often called eastern newt because of it’s distribution and can be found in southern Quebec, southern Ontario and the maritime provinces excluding Newfoundland. Red-spotted newt reach 5 to 10cm in lenght and are red-spotted with a yellow belly. Adult loose their bright colouration over the years. The terrestrial form of  Learn more on Red-spotted newt »

Rough-skinned newt

Taricha granulosa The Rought-Skinned newt is found in British Columbia and on Vancouver Island on Canada’s West Coast. These newts are quite big with a long tail and some Rought-Skinned newt can grow up to 17cm. They are Black or dark Brown with a yellow to reddish orange abdomen. Another factor that help identification is  Learn more on Rough-skinned newt »