Mole Salamanders species

Long-toed salamander

Ambystoma macrodactylum Long-toed salamanders are medium sized amphibians, growing up to 8 to 12 cm in size. As their name suggest, the long-toed salamanders have long toes. In Canada, their is 3 subspecies of these Amphibians : the eastern, central and western long toed salamanders. They are usually black or dark colored with a green  Learn more on Long-toed salamander »

Blue-spotted Salamander

Ambystoma Laterale Blue-spotted salamander is an amphibian specie of Canada that if found in Ontario, southeastern and Quebec province from Great lake region to the south and James Bay to the north of its territory. Blue spotted salamder are mole salamander the can grow to a length of 8 to 15cm for which the tail  Learn more on Blue-spotted Salamander »

Northwestern salamander

Ambystoma gracile The northwestern salamander which is often called the brown salamander because of its brown colouration. northwestern salamander is the only salamander specie in Canada that possess poisonous glands like those of toads. Northwestern salamanders are large mole salamanders that reaches up to 20cm, half of it consisting of their tail. In Canada northwestern  Learn more on Northwestern salamander »